Iroquois Special Education Association
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     Iroquois Special Education Association (ISEA) consists of seven member districts in Iroquois County.  The Association is located between Kankakee and Champaign, 30 miles south of Kankakee and 50 miles north of Champaign.  Chicago is 75 miles north of the central office in Crescent City.

   The total student population for the Association is about 5,116 and the special education population is about 588.  With a few exceptions, the Association provides programs for students with disabilities in their home district programs and/or inter-districts programs.  Very few students travel out of the district for programming.

   ISEA is a legal entity.  The Association is governed by a Governing Board that consists of one board member from each of the seven member districts.  The Governing Board members make all decisions regarding the Association.  The Superintendents and the Director meet monthly to discuss a variety of issues that impact the districts and the Association as a whole.

   All special education personnel (certified and educational support personnel) are employees of the Association and not employees of the district of assignment.  The personnel are represented by the IEA.  Salaries and benefits are determined by the negotiated contract.  Currently, there are approximately 140 employees in the Association.

   The Association provides programs for mild through severe/profound.  The majority of the programs are cross-categorical.  In both resource and instructional programs, students identified as LD, BD, OHI, S/L, AUT, DD, MD and EMH are being served.  We also serve Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired students.

   The Association also operates a BD alternative education program in a separate location (Bryce Ash-Grove Educational Center).

   To download an organization chart for Iroquois Special Education Association click here.

   To download a copy of Educational Rights and Responsibilities: Understanding Special Education in Illinois click here.