Iroquois Special Education Association


Bryce-Ash Grove Educational Center

1101 N. 1800 E. Road
Milford, IL 60953
Phone: 815-889-4120
Fax: 815-889-5206

Bill Searby

Building Principal


Renee Rapp

Building Secretary


Bryce-Ash Grove Educational Center is a public school building serving students with disabilities in grades K-12.  The school is operated by the Iroquois Special Education Association and draws its students from the seven districts served by the association.  Curriculum at the school is closely linked to the curriculum of the home schools of the students.  Students are routinely re-integrated to their home schools after successful completion of the highly structured management system of the school.  Students who complete their home high school course requirements at the school are eligible to receive a regular high school diploma from their home schools.  The focus and goal of the Bryce-Ash Grove Educational Center is to provide a safe, meaningful school experience where students can concentrate on self-management skills that are necessary for them to be successful in the general education setting.



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